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Meet the Maker: Jen Laursen of TILT Leather

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Inspired by the beautiful leatherwork of Mexico, Jen went on a quest to teach herself this time-honored tradition.  She devoured old manuals, youtube videos, and used the tried and true method of trial and error.  

Today she makes handmade accessories for women, men and the home, still learning and perfecting her craft everyday - and she loves every minute of it!  Each piece is made solely by her in her studio in Vallejo Ca with lots of love, blood, sweat and tears (ok- not tears, but she does listen to the band a lot).  She also shares her passion for her craft by teaching private lessons and group workshops to kids and adults.  She loves watching others get hooked on leathercraft!

She almost exclusively uses vegetable tanned leather.  This is an old-world process of curing leather with naturally occurring tannic acids found in bark, leaves and fruit.  This makes it the most environmentally friendly leather on the market.  This also leaves the leather in it's natural state, with all its imperfections, giving each piece a unique quality.  Veg tanned leather can also last a lifetime with a little care, so you consume less, leaving a smaller footprint on the environment. 

Experience the joys of working with leather yourself during her Hip Bag Workshop at Fortune Emporium. You will learn different methods of cutting leather from a pattern, about the different types of leather adhesives, bag and belt hardware, and how to assemble your bag using hand stitching techniques. You will also measure, cut and punch holes for a perfect-fit belt that your hip bag attaches to. You'll go away with a beautiful hand made bag and the knowledge of basic leatherworking! 

Fortune can be defined as luck, but luck is something that happens by chance. We believe Fortune is something that happens by choice.  Make Luck!


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