Meet the Maker: Brandon Resendiz

Nadia Breiz


Mixologist Brandon Resendiz has an unparalleled passion for both the hospitality and craft cocktail industries.  Born and raised in Mexico, he was drawn to adventure and independence from a young age.  This curiosity about the world eventually led him to explore the United States. Upon arrival he jumped right into hospitality, as it was an industry that had given many successful people their starts. Rather than using this as a platform for another career, he fell in love with the work.  "It is very rewarding to be in an industry of service. This has fueled my rapid growth, continued focus, and drive."  His resume is robust and includes many familiar and well-loved Tri-Valley establishments such as Range Life, Occasio Winery, Sidewinder Spirits Co., Handles Gastropub, and Sabio on Main.

Brandon will be taking us deep inside the rituals of craft cocktails as he guides us through the fundamentals of mixology during his hosted workshops at Fortune Emporium.  You'll learn to master two craft cocktails per class, what gadgets to use, and the appropriate glassware.  He'll provide an indispensable ingredient guide and spirit recommendations. Brandons's expertise will most definitely have you falling under the spell of the craft cocktail culture!

Fortune can be defined as luck, but luck is something that happens by chance. We believe Fortune is something that happens by choice.  Make Luck.

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