Meet the Maker: Loreto Remsing of L'AROMATICA

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LAROMATICA is a purveyor of artisan fragrances based in Northern California. Run by perfumer Loreto Remsing, she offers small-batch unisex fragrances, made with exquisite botanical ingredients. Her story embodies the spirit of Fortune Emporium, as she is a wonderful example of what happens when you decide to buck convention and Make Luck!

Loreto started an Etsy shop nearly 13 years ago as an experiment to sell her handmade perfumes. She was working full time as a freelance graphic designer in San Francisco, but  was tired of commuting and the doldrums of the tech world. At the time, perfuming was just a hobby, but she longed to work with her hands. She desired to be closer to nature and she found it in her city surroundings.

San Francisco's abundant fog keeps many plants happy and thriving. Loreto loved exploring her neighborhood parks and gardens for inspiration; often walking to Golden Gate Park where the Conservatory of Flowers and the Botanical Garden are located.  She loved getting lost in the wilder areas of the park, foraging for blackberries.  She was living on Haight Street, in a small apartment with a lovely back filled with flowers and trees. There were rose bushes growing there that were as old as the building (100 years old). The yellow roses became her inspiration for the perfume Yellow Rose. 

Now, living in Marin, Loreto has grown this hobby into L'AROMATICA and makes perfume full time in her backyard studio.  She has a true passion for what she does and her success is proof that taking chances will pay off.

Fortune can be defined as luck, but luck is something that happens by chance. We believe Fortune is something that happens by choice.  Make Luck.

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