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Meet the Maker: Caren of Everyday Hooray Design

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Creative lettering empowers the meaning of words.  Hand lettering in particular conveys an idea of uniqueness and that we all seem to crave as our modern surroundings are often standardized and mass produced. Caren, the artist and maker behind Everyday Hooray has a deep understanding and appreciation of this. She has been drawing ever since she can remember and always loved being the conduit through which ideas come to life.

With her business, Everyday Hooray, she likes to focus on the things that make each day worth celebrating. She believes in the power of art and design to transport us into a world of beauty and wonder.  As a self-taught artist, she takes each challenge as it comes and loves learning along the way. She's worked with many mediums including watercolor, pencils, chalk, paint and digital, and is always looking for the next opportunity to try something new.  

Join her for an incredible workshop at Fortune Emporium as she guides us through  the art of chalk lettering. The class includes a chalkboard and all the tools you’ll need to create beautiful chalkboard displays for the holidays!  Tickets can be purchased through Caren's site at

Fortune can be defined as luck, but luck is something that happens by chance. We believe Fortune is something that happens by choice.  Make Luck!


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