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Meet the Maker: Apryl Dawn

Nadia Breiz

It takes a bold spirit to buck convention and follow your dreams.  Apryl Dawn embodies this mindset both in her personal life and in the jewelry she creates.  Her designs are inspired by a fun, edgy woman with a spiritual side. Raw, yet refined, untamed and unapologetic. 

For Apryl, jewelry represents something more than just adornment.  As an avid yoga practitioner, she started creating jewelry for herself with the philosophy that one should "wear your spirituality”. She started wearing her creations while teaching yoga and was soon asked to carry her work at the studio.  Her line started to soar and in 2015 she was asked to participate in the Emmy’s Style Lounge with stars such as Ali Landry, Christina Milian, and Renee Olstead wearing her beautiful pieces.

 As a mom-trepreneur, she continually strives for growth. Her son is her ultimate inspiration, pushing her to be the best version of herself. "I want him to know that mama did everything she could to provide the best life she could for him, and I want nothing more than for him to grow up and be proud of me. It’s the most selfless thing I’ve ever done. I am so proud of everything that has happened. I am seriously humbled by where I've gotten, and I believe that staying humble is key. Always expect the unexpected, good or bad, because both will happen. It’s how you ride the waves." We're proud to support Apryl as she continues her journey!

Fortune can be defined as luck, but luck is something that happens by chance. We believe Fortune is something that happens by choice.  Make Luck.

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