Plantation by Brittni Paul

Brittni Paul

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Plantation by Brittni Paul

 Forest elephants in both Africa and Asia have been nature’s farmers and conservationists for as long as they’ve existed. They push over trees to maintain ecosystems, dig up waterholes with their tusks that other smaller animals can utilize and fertilize land.

The gaps they leave in the forests encourage new plant growth and create pathways for other animals. Most importantly, the tons of vegetation and fruit they eat get deposited in their dung, maintaining plant diversity for the miles and miles of land they traverse.

Though they were the original “plantation” caretakers, their homes have been destroyed and due to the human plantations that have taken over, plants like palm oil trees and cocoa. . Coexistence and respect for these gentle giants; a wise & ancient species like no other.

Check your food label today; are those ingredients being responsibly sourced? If it doesn’t say; don’t we deserve that visibility to make informed decisions?


Brittni Paul loves all things that nature has to give. Flora, fauna and the magic you can find in the little nooks and crannies of the world. The main motivation behind her work is to awaken that love in others, so that we can protect the planet we inhabit.

Original Piece

Ink on sustainable Elm Burl

Measured at widest point 19" W x 25 1/2" L

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