Organic Magnesium Lotion

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Organic Magnesium Lotion
The American diet is extremely deficient in Magnesium.  It's suspected nearly everyone needs more as it is needed for 300 biochemical reactions in the body! The interesting thing about this mineral is that it is more readily absorbed by the skin than internal supplements. Butter Me Up Organics makes their own pure magnesium oil and uses this as a base for this lotion. Only a small amount is needed. The preferred  way to apply is on the bottoms of your feet, then covering them with socks before bed. A grape sized amount offers approximately 500 mg of magnesium. 

There are so many AMAZING benefits to Magnesium and you will feel the effects immediately. Just Google them and see! 

Comes in a 2 oz or 6oz GLASS jar with plastic lid. 

This magnesium lotion is nicely blended and easy to apply. Not chunky or chalky.

To the magnesium chloride oil Organic Avocado Oil, Organic Shea, Organic Coconut Oil and Local Beeswax is added. All of these items are great at keeping your skin hydrated, your mind strong and happy knowing that all items are sustainable and pesticide free. 

What others are saying:

"This product is a miraculous cure and relief for my restless leg syndrome. I read about this new product on the seller's Facebook page and I was eager to try it. For a little over a week, I have been rubbing it on my feet at night and whatever is left on my hands is massaged into my legs. From the first application, my discomfort has been eliminated, leading me to believe I do have a diet that lacks magnesium and this lotion is the exact help I needed. Please continue making this lotion and promoting it to help others. I am grateful!!!"

"I love this lotion. My husband usually is bothered by my lotions at night, but the smell is light enough that he has been using it too. Very thick & moisturizing."

"I have never had much trouble getting to sleep. I like to think of myself as a master sleeper. however, I do have trouble getting good sleep. My mind wanders throughout the night, I get jittery, wiggly, and wake up worrying. this lotion feels like its made for kings and queens. I sleep so deep and feel the difference when I miss a night. Since I have started using this, if I miss a night, I feel as though I didn't get any sleep and I yearn to go home and put some on just to get a good nights sleep. It's literally like magic. don't put too much on but put enough as if it were normal lotion. that worked best for me. I know its pricey but I found that if I skimp, it doesn't work as well."

"Love! Love! Love this! Great container for dispensing. This lotion is too thick for squeeze bottles. My 5 year old puts this on herself each night at bedtime. The whole family loves it. Thank you."

"Wonderful lotion! I just apply it as a foot lotion before going to bed and sleep wonderfully! Thank you so much!"

Ingredients: shea, magnesium choloride, coconut, oil, lavender, essential, flakes, beeswax, avocado

Butter Me Up Organics are:


Completely cruelty free

No sulfates, phthalates or parabens…ever

No synthetic dyes or fragrances

Completely all natural and safe

Packaging upcycled when possible

Everything is made with love!